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Experience with Insumed capsules: a review of the drug and the results of the application

Matthias from Salzburg: "Diabetes is no longer a disease, but a way of life"

My diabetic experience is about 5 years. The first symptoms appeared in summer. She was often thirsty, and after drinking the liquid, the sensation of thirst did not go away. I attributed it to the warm weather. But even after the onset of fall, the symptoms did not go away. They were joined by uncontrolled appetite, irritability due to the constant sensation of hunger. In addition, he often wakes up at night to go to the bathroom. I didn't get enough sleep, my mood dropped, I lashed out at my loved ones. An examination scheduled by a doctor showed that in the blood it was exceeded 2. 5 times from the norm.

The doctor said that the cause of type 2 diabetes in me were several factors: overweight, smoking, addiction to fatty foods. As a treatment, I was prescribed several types of medication that had to be taken several times a day, before each meal. In addition, he was prescribed a strict diet, exercise, regular checkups, and self-monitoring of blood glucose levels.

During 3 years of illness, I broke down several times, stopped taking medication due to an inconvenient regimen. I didn't feel any improvement.

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How I found out about Insumed

I went to a new doctor and he advised me on the latest blood sugar lowering agent: Insumed in capsules. I was attracted by the natural composition and convenient mode of administration - only 2 capsules per day, in the morning and in the evening. I ordered 3 packs of Insumed on the official website for a full course, please read the instructions on how to use the drug.

After I started taking Insumed, I started checking my blood sugar levels with interest. A week later, the indicators of the glucometer began to approach the norm. A month later, I noticed an improvement in my general condition, sugar returned to normal, sleep returned to normal. Now I am not bothered by unpleasant symptoms, irritability has disappeared, and relations in the family have improved.